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News from Cicero – spring 2018

Cicero League of International Lawyers has recently released its latest Corporate & Commercial Newsletter regarding directors´duties featuring an article from KELLER Law Firm regarding the situation according to Danish law.

Attorney-at-law and solicitor Flemming Keller Hendriksen has authored an article on the duties, structure and liability of management in Danish limited liability companies, which is a subject on which Flemming Keller Hendriksen has previously authored a number of publications. A wide range of corporate lawyers from our members in other jurisdictions worldwide have also contributed to what has turned out to be a very interesting report on this topic.

The Corporate & Commercial Newsletter can be viewed here.

We expect that this topic is of interest to many. Not the least Danish businesses wishing to branch into foreign jurisdictions with a legal entity. Crossing the barriers into foreign markets naturally carries with it a need to explore the legal situation in their jurisdictions.

Our ability to draw on the expertise of our international colleagues enables us to provide our clients with full package counseling on local as well as international matters. When facing legal challenges or exploring opportunities that cross national boundaries, KELLER Law Firm is the opportune choice for a professional legal advisor and sparring partner.

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