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Mergers & Acquisitions is one of our core competencies.

The firm’s founder Flemming Keller Hendriksen, has advised on the purchase and sale of large and small businesses in various industries since 1992.
Buying and selling businesses is a complex landscape that requires a deep insight into a wide range of conditions and a lot of experience.
If the business is run in a company structure, one must basically choose between selling the shares so that the company changes its owner, or the company’s assets. Tax purposes, purchasers´ risk profiles, sellers’ needs and others may indicate a sale of the substance of a company (the business that the company operates – or parts thereof), and in those cases you choose to sell assets liabilities and activities and keep the shares.
Through close co-operation with auditors and other advisors, we offer an advisory package covering everything from due diligence, valuation of the company, contract preparation, corporate restructuring, land registration of property transfers and tax planning connected with a transaction.
In the due diligence – which is a legal “health check” of the company – we often uncover risks in the targets to include employment law, tenancy law and environmental law aspects that typically occur and are of importance when assessing the value and negotiating the price of the target.

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