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The website is operated and owned by KELLER Advokatfirma, Østergade 27, 1100 København K, Denmark, VAT-no. 35 93 15 11.

We collect information on all visitors to our website. This information is used exclusively to improve the value of our content.

We only collect information in accordance with the law, and any processing of user information is conducted in accordance with the legislation regulating processing of personal data.

This policy will inform you of the information we collect, the purpose of collecting this information and how we process it.




Our website uses cookies.

As you may know, cookies are small text files, which are stored on the computer or device of a user, when they visit a website.

These enable the collection of information about which pages and functions the user visits and makes use of. Cookies do not contain harmful viruses or sensitive personal information.

The information KELLER Advokatfirma collects through its website is anonymous and cannot be tracted to users by name.

This website uses cookies from Google Analytics and CYFE to measure traffic on the website. Google Analytics and CYFE use cookies for statistical purposes.


If you do not wish for cookies to be stored on your device, you should delete them and avoid use of our website in the future. Changing your cookie settings can result in an impaired user experience and may cause you to be unable to access certain content.


Do the following to delete Cookies in Firefox:

1. Select Tools
2. Select Settings
3. Select Privacy
4. Delete individual cookies or clear your browsing history

To block cookies entirely, do the following:

1. Select Tools
2. Select Settings
3. Select Privacy
4. Select “Use custom settings for history” in the drop down menu
5. Check-mark “Always use private browsing mode” and remove the check-mark from “Accept cookies from websites”.

Internet Explorer

Do the following to delete cookies in Internet Explorer:

1. Select Tools
2. Select Internet Options
3. Select the tab General
4. Select the button Delete
5. Select Cookies
6. Select delete

To block cookies entirely, do the following:

1. Select Tools
2. Select Internet Options
3. Select Protection of personal information
4. Move the slider to the top
5. Block cookies
6. Select OK


Do the following to delete cookies in Chrome:

1. Select Chrome
2. Select Settings
3. Select Delete browing data
4. Select Clear data

To block cookies entirely, do the following:

1. Select Chrome
2. Select Settings
3. Select Show advanced settings
4. Select Contect settings
5. Check-mark Always block websites from collecting data
6. Block cookies
7. Check-mark Block third party cookies and website data


Do the following to delete cookies in Safari:

1. Select Safari
2. Select Settings
3. Select Security
4. Select Show cookies
5. Here you can delete cookies from indivudal websites or delete all cookies

To block cookies entirely, do the following:

1. Select Safari
2. Select Settings
3. Select Security
4. Under the option ”Accept cookies” select ”never”

Although your browser does not accept cookies, you may still access the website’s content as if this setting was enabled. However, certain elements of the website may be wholly or partially disabled.




Personal information is characterized by being relatable to the users of the website. When you visit, we collect and process this type of information.

Typically the following information will be recorded: A unique visitor ID, technical information about your device, your IP address, geographical location, which pages you view, and additional information which you consent to giving us.

If you contact us via our online chat or message box, we will use the information you provide us with in order to contact you. This will typically be your first or full name, e-mail address and telephone number, and perhaps a short text detailing your inquiry. We will only use his information to respond to your inquiry, unless subsequently establish a professional relationship. We do not store this data in order to contact you at a later time or for advertising purposes, but delete them as soon as we have responded to your inquiry, unless we agree otherwise.


We have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure that user information is not stored in violation of the law, and to ensure that they are deleted or changed incorrectly against your will, or that they are otherwise publicized, lost or abused.


User information gathered through is stored in accordance with relevant legislation on server with a high degree of security.


Information about your use of is not passed to third parties except our data processors, with which we have made data processor agreements in order to protect the information.


You are entitled to be informed about which information about you we process and you are similarly entitled to object to our use of this information. You can also withdraw your consent to our processing of information about you. If the information we have stored about you is incorrect, you are entitled to have them corrected or deleted. Contact in this regard.

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