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CICERO and space law

The CICERO League of International Lawyers not only seeks to provide the clients of its members with access to qualified legal counsel across the globe, but also to expand the frontiers of the legal profession, both in terms of the national practices of its members as well as in the international context of CICERO as a whole.

The members of CICERO are currently in the process of establishing a collaboration concerning legislation on activities in outer space (space law), which is a relatively new but burgeoning area of law. CICERO has recently participated in a conference on the subject, and member firms Bonaccord (Scotland) and KELLER Law Firm (Denmark) have authored articles detailing recent developments in space legislation in their respective countries and how such legislation might be relevant in an international context.

The articles can be found here (Scotland / Denmark).

Even nations which are not independently spacefaring are anticipating a necessity for regulations concerning activities in outer space and are legislating accordingly. The space sector, both private and public, is expected to grow in the coming years and whether for the purpose of communication, tourism, scientific research or surveillance, a great number of peripheral sectors and industries will enter the market or contribute to it as subcontractors.

CICERO is aiming to be on the forefront of this development and will continue its efforts to ensure that the clients of its members can receive the necessary legal advice to ensure compliance with space legislation as it continues to develop.

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