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Our focus is to ensure that our business clients get the best platform and support to enable them to operate a successful business.

Or expressed differently, our focus is not to draw up contracts and bring legal proceedings, but to serve our clients with legal counseling, sparring and business insight. This is an important distinction for us. Our mission is connected with the preparation of contracts and legal proceedings when necessary. But always with a keen focus on our clients’ needs, the art of the possible, and proportionality in everything we do. We intend to unburden both management and employees by conducting negotiations and resolving disputes, manage recovery via our debt collection services and ensure compliance in relation to both the general laws and special regulation of our clients ‘ businesses.

The key word for counseling of commercial clients is prevention. Be it by ensuring solid sufficient contracts and agreements from the beginning, which prevent disputes, or by means of an effective dispute resolution through negotiations, which prevents lengthy and costly litigation.
We are aware that some situations can be extremely acute for a company, for example, in the case of orders issued by authorities, or proceedings that are likely to be reported in the press. Therefore, we are available when our clients need us, and our services do not stop at the brink of the legal advice. In several cases, our clients have enjoyed great benefits from our close trusted and efficient network of partners, which includes accountants and tax advisors, rhetoricians, PR advisers and foreign lawyers in our CICERO network.

In addition to the handling of specific cases, we also assist our clients with legal “health check” of their companies, where contracts are reviewed and optimized with the aim of the company’s current and future needs.

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