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We have an efficient and experienced debt collection department that handles everything from major debt collection portfolios for individual small claims.

For a claim to be taken for debt collection, it must be undisputed. This means that the debtor must not have objected to the size or existence of the debt.
The debt collection process is typically initiated by sending a debtor a debt recovery notice. It is a requirement of the debt collection law that the debtor is given a period of 10 days to pay the claim. If the debtor misses this deadline, it will then be possible to take the claim for debt collection and impose additional costs.
One of the advantages of the collection procedure is precisely that the costs incurred in the claim can cover the costs to conduct the case. The following items will typically be added to the requirement:

• Late Fee
• Compensation Fee
• Debt Collection Fee
• Debt Collection Commission
• Interests
• Any Possible Court Fees

If the debtor is unable to pay all his debts immediately, it may be relevant to bring the claim for the bailiff’s court. In addition to making a claim on the debtor’s assets, the bailiff can determine the claim with the same binding effect as a judgment, and this judgment can be used if the claim is to be brought before the bailiff again and will also interrupt the limitation of the claim for 10 years.

When collecting for our clients, we place great emphasis on a high degree of ongoing reporting and we have a high recovery rate.

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