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Branching out to Denmark

Recognizing opportunities for expansion is what transforms a solid business into an international success, and expansion into the Danish market is being recognized by many as an attractive option, as the corporate legislation and system in Denmark is flexible, digital and quick.

We offer a full service package to companies wishing to expand their business into the Danish market, and with our assistance, your subsidiary company could be established within a matter of days.

Our full package sets up your business in Denmark to run as smoothly and with as few administrative burdens as possible, whether as a branch or as a subsidiary company. We outline the relevant options and advise on their individual benefits and assist with the registration of the local entity as an employer or for VAT. Additionally, if your employees from home are stationed in Denmark, we can assist with their registration in the Register of Foreign Service Providers.

Through our network of trusted partners from the world of banking, accounting and auditing, we can assist with the establishment of a bank account and provide accounting services, including the filing of corporate tax returns and annual reports, as well as a registered office.

Danish law does not require the director of a subsidiary company or a branch manager to have a Danish residence, nor is it prohibited for the director of a foreign parent company to serve as the local director or branch manager. The local entity can therefore be developed under the direct guidance and supervision of an experienced key individual from the parent company.

A subsidiary company will typically be established in the form of a private limited company (ApS) or public limited company (A/S), but a number of additional unique options exist, including the recently introduced option of establishing an entrepreneurial limited company (IVS). This type of company offers lower minimum capital requirements than the traditional private or public limited companies, while maintaining limited liability and the option to transform into a private or public limited company at a later date.

Company law is our area of expertise, and our experienced advisors draw on their core competencies to provide efficient solutions specifically tailored to your business and your vision. Give us a call or write us an e-mail and let us know how we can help your business grow.

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